Martin Nick’s acting journey is a vibrant tale of passion, courage, and artistic exploration. He eagerly anticipates continuing to tell stories and exploring new dimensions of his artistry.

Brought up in Stenungsund, north of Gothenburg, Nick’s acting journey began at a young age. He decided to pursue his dreams of acting and began his studies between 2008 and 2010 at Frihems residential college.

After his studie, he explored various performing arts, including self-produced theater shows and short films. Simultaneously, he developed interests in diverse training methods and dance styles, enriching his artistic expression.

In 2016, Martin collaborated with the SRSLYyours theater group in Cyprus, co-creating the acclaimed monologue performance Egoland, which was awarded The Grand Prix Award at the Stockholm Fringe Festival in 2020.The same year, after a decade in theater freelancing, Martin ventured into film, landing a significant role as the antagonist in Huss: Hostage.

Accepted into the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg in 2020, Martin continued his artistic journey. After graduating in 2023, he participated in productions such as Riding in Darkness (2022), Amina (2023), and Doktrinen (2024).

Up next, Martin Nick plays one of the main roles TONY OLSSON  in the drama series for SVT, Smärtpunkten directed by Sanna Lenken.