Martin Nick Alexandersson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in May 1988. He is an actor for film and stage with current residence in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2017 Martin toured as the lead actor for the Swedish/Icelandic collaboration NJALS SAGA (Composition: Atli Ingólfsson) with performances in Sweden and Norway. After the premiere of the non-conventional operatic adaptation of Njals Saga, Scandinavian critics and theatre personalities noted ”his stunning ability to create and support a physical presence and language for an actor”. 

In 2016 Martin started collaborating with now Cypriot-German-Swedish ensemble SRSLYyours. He participated as the Swedish Protagonist in the performance FEAR INDUSTRY (Direction: Achim Wieland) when the performance was invited to Sweden. In 2017 he also premiered with EGOLAND (Direction: Achim Wieland) which is an intensive One-man show in Rialto Theatre, Limassol Cyprus. The national press of Cyprus described his stage appearance as ”Excellent” and how he presented the performance with ”boldness and a ceremonial dedication” EGOLAND won the Grand Prix Award at Stockholm Fringe Festivall (STOFF) in September 2020.

He shot several short films. Amongst others he starred in the short film HINGSTEN (Ninja Thyberg) and the International collaboration AGE OF IRON (Philippe Berenger). Martin is starring the award-winning short film FOR IT IS WRITTEN where he has been nominated in the category Best Actor three times.
2021 he can be seen as the antagonist in HUSS (film 3) at Viaplay and german TV-network ZDF.

In 2020 Martin got submitted to the Univeristy of music and drama in Gothenburg where he will have his Bachelor in acting 2023

Martin Nick Alexandersson is represented by the Actors Talent Agency ”DAS IMPERIUM” located in Berlin.